IT Support Contract

Monthly IT Support

Unlimited IT support for your business

Take away the stress of IT worries. Avoid expensive downtime, all for a fixed monthly fee

No Call Out

Remote & Telephone Support

Printers Included Free

On-Site Support

We carry out a full preventative maintenance at the start of the contract. We install software that monitors systems for any fault that enables us to proactively detect and fix any issues that would lead to more problems if they go undetected

Your IT Problems.... Solved!

Software Issues

Hardware Issues

Printer Issues

Network Issues

Benefits of Monthly IT Support

Help when you need it most. When IT systems go down, work can grind to a halt. You can’t look after clients, your team can’t get anything done. You need people you can rely on to get everything working again.

Save money. When software, hardware, printers, email, Wi-Fi, VoIP telephony systems or other essential kit goes down it costs companies money. Without IT support, you could be forced to rely on a costly IT emergency call-out. With dedicated support, you don't need to worry about that.

Pay one monthly fee, pick up the phone and get a resolution for your IT challenges straight away.

Asked Questions

Your support contract run for a 12 months, after which it will become rolling monthly.

We mainly support Windows 10 systems. If some of your systems are on ealier versions of Windows, we'll bring them up to date with Windows 10.

Yes, our price includes both anti-virus and endpoint protection for your machines.


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