The most common work we do is clean unwanted programs from your computer. We do all the cleanup work for a fixed price, and don't remove any of your files in the process.


We want to make sure that you are free of viruses for your protection. Viruses steal your information but other just sit on your system slowing it down which has a big impact on performance. We run multiple programmes to remove any remains of a virus to secure your system. 

If you have no anti-virus that is protecting your system, we offer 2 choices. For a free anti-virus, we recommend Avast which offers basic protection to detect and remove viruses. For a paid anti-virus, we recommend BullGuard that has a built in firewall to keep out hackers so you get complete protection and gives you the option to back up your files. BullGuard is currently priced at £35 for a 1 year subscription. 

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